Calissons d'Aix

The Calisson of Aix, is a true ancestral recipe.
A mixture of finely ground almonds, melon de Provence and candied orange peel, all drawn on a wafer bed covered with royal icing setting.
The Calisson is a single confectionery that crossed the history of southern France. As part of our traditions, Calisson Aix is ​​one of the jewels of Provence terroir and is recognized since 1990 Heritage of the City of Aix. It is framed by a name, and answers a precise specifications that defines its composition, place of manufacture, but also its size and weight. The calisson Aix must be manufactured from a crushed candied fruit and almonds blanched complemented by a sugar syrup. The blanched almonds (minimum 32% of the pulp) carefully mixed candied fruit are crushed. Candied fruits account for 30% minimum of the dough. Melon, fruit mainly used (80% of candied fruit) is cultivated exclusively in Provence. It is naturally sweet and participates in the final texture of the product. To preserve the ancestral know-how, quality and origin of Aix Calisson, Roy René has partnered with other Calissonniers Aix to bring a project IGP (Protected Geographical Indication).

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