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Who is Le Roy René ?

Our brand history begins in 1920 in the heart of Aix-en-Provence. When a recognized nougat specialist Ernest Guillet decided to take the French sweets to another level and created “Nougaterie du Roy René” which today is known as “Le Roy Rene”.
Later on, in 1947, his son took over and started the preparation of a new confectionery and focused on the specialty of Provence, and introduced our famous “Calissons”.
After three decades, Le Roy Rene became one of the main confectionary destination of Provence, France for any sweet lovers. Le Roy Rene has conserved the same old recipe for all of their products over the years making it like no other!

Le Roy Rene development

Our growth has not only been local, we have taken our French confectionary gourmet products all over the world, making people have the experience to delight with our products in Europe, Asia and Canada. Le Roy Rene awaits to develop further and open more boutiques in France, soon we are excited to announce that we will open our first boutique in the United States, Miami. Our products are already sold in various stores around the US, and we are currently looking forward to open more boutiques in the States. What makes our brand so special and unique like no other, is that most of our key products that Le Roy Rene offers come from our massive factory in Provence, France which is able to make our delicious goods every production without a limit.
The size of our factory was also able to create a museum inside for French confection lovers to have the experience and learn about the history of us and the making of our exceptional products.
The CEO of the company, Olivier Baussan, who is also the founder of one of the most popular brands in France called “L’OCCITANE en Provence” has succeeded in the market and plans to do the same with Le Roy Rene.

“It is a real pleasure for me to accompany the Confiserie as it embarks on a new chapter in its history, and to help make it better known throughout the world” – Olivier Baussan,

Why choose Le Roy Rene?

With Le Roy Rene you wont only be offering our authentic delicious sweets, you will be taking customers to another level of making the discovery of what truly the French confection consists of.With our uniqueness gourmet fine flavors, starting with our diverse flavors of our products such as: Calissons, nougats, chocolates, fruit jellys, French-style gelato, biscuits, olivettes (chocolate covered almonds),crèmes, pastries, candies and more that can be shared with coffee and espresso drinks, tea and we even offer the option for customers to buy the finest champagnes of France. With all of what we offer, we don’t only take customers to a new discoverment. We take them to a French confectionary journey full of joy. We take them to Le Roy Rene.

We humbly invite you to join the adventure of Calissons du Roy Rene and be a part of this historical company. Please fill up the form with all information and we will contact you soon.

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