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The Calisson d’Aix, an Ancestral Recipe

produits-calisson-recette-encestraleA mix of almonds finely grinded, melon from Provence and candied peel orange, all under a bed wafer on the bottom and a royal icing on top.
Calisson is a unique confectionery that traveled the whole south of France. It’s part of the traditions; the Calisson d’Aix belongs to the florets of Provence and is recognized since 1990 as heritage from the city of Aix-en-Provence. It is framed by a name and responds to a precise specification that defines its composition, manufacturing location, but also its size and weight. The calisson Aix must be made from a mash of candied fruit and blanched almonds supplemented with sugar syrup. The blanched almonds (minimum 32% of the pulp) are carefully mixed with crushed candied fruit. Candied fruits account for 30% minimum of the dough. The melon is the fruit mainly used (80% of candied fruit) and cultivated exclusively in Provence. It is naturally sweet and participates in the final texture of the product. To preserve this ancestral know-how, quality and origin, le Roy René joined other Calissonniers d’Aix to bring a IGP project ( Protected Geographical Indication).VOIR LES PRODUITS


Les Calissons d’Exception

Le Roy René confectionery has introduced a new range of calissons that mix different flavors made of rare and unique ingredients. These are called “les Calissons d’Exception”.


Les Petits Calissons

Calissons come also in smaller size, ideal to take for your breaks or with coffee and tea. They come in many different flavors: fig, raspberry, lemon, orange, chocolate/hazelnut and more… VOIR LES PRODUITS


The Provencal Nougat

After our Calissons comes our nougats, which are more known all over the world but originally come from France. The nougats that we offer have a variety of 6 favors to choose from, with our same ancient recipe from the 1920’s, and they are also prepared in our factory in Provence, which gives this specific product an advantage like our other ones. What differs our Nougats is that our confectioners only uses Mediterranean almonds with lavender honey for white nougat and Provence flower honey for dark nougat, which makes them, taste a exclusive way.VOIR LES PRODUITS


Crème de Calisson and Nougat

Our crème de Calisson, crème de nougat noir and crème de nougat blanc, which are used by people who like to cook, and it is a pleasant spread for anything people would like tasting our Calisson and Nougat flavor. You can check on our website the different recipes you can make with those.VOIR LES PRODUITS


Candied Fruits

Candied fruit is also a traditional dessert in Provence. Our candied fruits comes in raspberry, pear and apricot flavors.VOIR LES PRODUITS