Our story begins in 1920 in the heart of Aix-en-Provence. When a recognized nougat specialist Ernest Guillet, decided to take the French sweets to another level creating “Nougaterie du Roy René”. Later on, his son Rene, who grew up next to his father learning everything about confectionery since it was high in the family, took over and wrote a beginning of a new story.

In 1947, he decided to start the preparation of a new confectionery. He decided to take over the specialty of Provence, and introduced “Calissons” which means “little hugs” in Provencal language.
Our Calissons made an immediate success to the company; it also became the key product and his finest creation. After such triumph in 1948 he retitled the company for “Calissons du Roy Rene”

For three decades, Calissons du Roy Rene became one of the main attractions in Provence for sweet lovers. In 1980, Anne Guillet, the only child of René, took over the company and improved the old recipe of Calissons making it as no other.

In 1989, Anne Guillet married Maurice Farine who joined her in the journey. Later on, it became a certainly significant segment, since Calissons du Roy Rene started to develop with the innovation he made such as new production tools, special lines and also came up with new flavors keeping the same concept of the brand. In the year 2012 Calissons du Roy Rene received an award that recognized all his hard effort and success in the industry, which is entitled the EPV label (Living Heritage Company).

In the year 2014, the company brought stone blocks from “The Pont du Gard” which is an ancient Roman aqueduct that crosses the Gardon River in southern France.
These blocks were used for the construction of our boutique and for the museum, which made our appearance look more contemporary by having some history in our designs and keeping our traditional aspect made an impeccable combination.

In 2014, Olivier Baussan founder of “L’OCCITANE en Provence” decided to buy the company “Calissons du Roy Rene” and became our new CEO. Since he was born and raised in Provence, and had previous success with L’OCCITANE his intentions are to continue doing the same and bring out to light the essence of Provence.
Olivier Baussan is not only an entrepreneur, he is a Provence passionate that has brought throughout the world a mission for people to discover what Provence has to offer, and plans to do the with Calissons du Roy Rene.

From the small workshop that it started in 1920 “Nougaterie du Roy Rene” for three generations of confectioners have succeeded and will keep doing it the same by satisfying every palette to all the gourmet sweet lovers.